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STEP 1 - Tell us about your business

STEP 2 - Tell us about your sales and operations

STEP 3 - And we'll tell you the impact of your service on your bottom line

Take the Test Step 1

Items marked with an asterix* must be filled in

About You

About your business

Is your business mainly B2B or B2C

This tool works best when focusing on a single customer segment.

Does your business sell directly or indirectly?

For example, do you sell indirectly through distributors or directly to customers?

Do you sell products or services?

If you sell both, focus on one area of your business to start with.

About your finances

What was your turnover last year?

Did you make a profit or loss?

I made a

How much was it?

How many staff does your business employ?

What percentage of your annual turnover is spent on staff salaries?

Take the Test Step 2

Items marked with an asterix* must be filled in

Making your clients happy

How many tenders, pitches, leads or enquiries do you deal with each year?

How many contracts / sales do you win each year?

On average how much time (in hours p/annum) do you spend on tenders, pitches, leads or enquiries?

How many man hours do you spend on the average sale?

*Try to include all meetings, phone calls and other processes
involved in the sale

Making your staff happy

How many paid sick days do your staff take on average each month?


How many permanent staff leave your business only to be replaced each year?

Customer Satisfaction

What percentage of clients buy from you more than once?

a simple survey or phone call can get this information

What percentage of you clients would recommend you?

Try using the Net Promoter Score to obtain accurate information

Product/Service quality

What percentage of your sales result in returns or unpaid work?


What is the average cost of this work or replacement?


Take the Test Your Results

Based on the information you have provided please find your results and our recommended actions below.

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